4.48 Psychosis

by Sarah Kane

Performed in the ADC Clubhouse 22 - 24 March 2007

4.48 Psychosis is an extraordinary piece of writing. It is dramatic, poetic, experimental, raw, painfully honest and heartbreaking. It is a fractured journey through the mind of a women suffering from a crippling form of depression. It explores the horrible images, thoughts and memories which haunt her.

4.48 was a unique experience for everyone involved. We recorded the whole script and played in out over the PA during the performance. Several of the actors involved in the recording were not involved in the physical performance and had the bizarre experience of watching and listening to a show that they were acting in.

4.48 Psychosis was an interesting new venture for ADC. Huge thanks to everyone involved in putting the production together. I hope that ADC will be creating lots more experimental theatre in the future.

Michael Ward - Director


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Flare Path
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