Goldilocks and the Three Bears

by John Morley

Performed in the Unicorn Theatre 11 - 13 and 17 - 19 January, 2002

>We came to see Goldilocks and the Three Bears with our children, aged 9 and 6, so feel qualified to write from an adult and child perspective.

From the very beginning there was plenty of audience participation, which was very much enjoyed by everybody, and we had to remember to shout "All right!t' in answer to the question "How's your father?". However, louder shouts were heard when the baddie, Benjamin Black appeared, evilly played by Graham Hawkins, with his amusing sidekick, Elsie Echo (Lisa Liddell). The Gypsy Chief (Adam Dewar) was also suitably alarming, and the scene in the camp making the sleeping potion was most effective. My 9 year old especially found the apples dropping from the tree in response to a lie hilarious!

Goldilocks (Lyndsay Evans) was very charming and suitably sweet, and we were all captivated by the three bears (Nathaniel Tagg, Kate Schomberg and Palli Dent), and amazed at Baby Bear's wonderful dancing. All the circus clowns looked lovely in their beautiful bright costumes and Joey Wizzbang (Ruth Collins) kept us involved and entertained well. The scene with the Girl Guides was very funny, and all of us with children could identify well with the Leaders' frustration! Ronnie the Ringmaster (Sarah Cowburn) had my daughter convinced that she was really a man, and Sadie Spangles (Keith Hales), with her wonderfully tasteless clothes, was very funny and tugged at all our heart strings! Special mention must be made of Belinda (Lynne Smith) who was extremely funny, both for the adults and the children.

The Juniors did a wonderful job, Bob the Builder (James Gaisford) pleasing the younger members of the audience, and the dancers impressing everybody, especially Laetitia Akkouche, who was most convincing in a variety of styles. Coco the Clown (Sheila Hales) was popular at the end, although the song proved a little difficult for my younger child. However, the children enjoyed being called by name and having their turn on the stage.

The scenery was all very inventive, the lighting most effective and the music a very good mix of old and more modern. The dancing was well thought out and the whole production was a thoroughly pleasant experience.

Alison Vining

ODN Adjudication

Oxfordshire Drama Network - Pantomime Competition

This was not the first time that I have seen this script performed but Abingdon stamped their own authority on it by adding local references and comedy routines to give it a refreshing lift.

The backdrop of the Big Top was excellent and the opening of acrobats, jugglers and clowns set the scene for circus rivalry and dirty deeds. All actors gave good pantomime performances and worked the audience with skill.

Ruth Collins "Joey Wizzbang", although hiding behind the face of a clown, was able to change expression with ease from happy to sad, she worked the audience well and never let them off the hook, if they did not respond loud enough she repeated the call - do that on the first occasion you want the audience to respond to you and they will do it every time. Keith Hales "Sadie Spangles" the Dame also worked the audience and like Joey built up a good rapport with them. Lynne Smith "Belinda" was by a short margin the best Fairy in the competition; she had the audience in stitches every time she came on.

Scene changes were slick and effortless. Props were good and looked right for pantomime - larger than life mobile phones, TV with good stage furniture in the Bear's cottage and the Gypsy camp. Musical direction was of a high standard, especially technically, songs were varied with good dance routines and technical use of microphones The junior members of the cast were obviously enjoying themselves and their Bob the Builder number was excellent.

Costumes and make up were first class.

An excellent evenings entertainment in an interesting theatre.

Mark Churchill


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