Peer Gynt

Based on the play by Ibsen

Performed at The OFS Studio 7 - 10 April 2010

At the OFS, Abingdon Drama Club presented their multimedia adaptation of Ibsen’s Peer Gynt. Using projected imagery, soundscapes, music and movement they cleverly updated the story of the fantasist boy who, when he grows old, is forced to examine his life to evaluate what it has all been worth. Jon Crowley as ‘old Peer’ and Tristan Kear as ‘young Peer’ take us through his adventures, some a bit wild, but all realised very imaginatively. Joined by Lin Beaker as Peer’s mother and John Hawkins as the scary ‘Button Moulder’ (a Grim Reaper sort of dude!) the four combined stylised acting and physical movement to produce a powerful and fascinating abstract of a life. As the Button Moulder says: “Not a good man, not a bad one, maybe 50/50.” Visually and audibly it’s very powerful; full marks to whoever designed the technical side. This Peer Gynt was certainly different – and in a really good way!

Angie Johnson - Oxford Times


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