by Lee Woodward

Performed in the Unicorn Theatre 23 February 2007

Written by a previous member of Abingdon Drama Club Lee Woodward - Txt-Life, was chosen by Tristan Kerr as his debut production for the club. It was a good choice being well written with a tight plot and well drawn characters who draw us remorselessly into their intrigues.

The two "friends", Liz Adams as Vicky and Mike Ward as Ray, find their friendship is increasingly under strain as Ray pursues his obsession with Karen by text messages. In the original production, I understand, the messages were displayed as text on a screen. For this production Tristan introduced a brilliant device - a third character, played by Jon Crowley, who pops up in the most unlikely places to verbalise the texts being exchanged giving them much more life and impact. The relationship deteriorates as Vicky attempts to win Ray for herself by using his mobile to send texts to Karen. It all backfires and Vicky is abandoned by all with even her boyfriend (played by Simon Reed), who comes on stage from within the audience, rejecting her in the end.

Congratulations to all for an entertaining evening.

Malcolm Ross


Flare Path
Wed 4th - Sat 7th July
Unicorn Theatre


Flare Path
Tues 17th April
The Clubhouse