I know what you did yesterday

Devised by Acting Up

Performed at the ODN Drama Festival 5 May 2009
Wallingford Drama festival 11 June 2009

'I know what you did yesterday' was the début production from ADC's new youth group 'Acting Up'. The group devised the piece with leader / director Alex Codling.

From an initial discussion about the worst fears of the group members the piece grew into an exploration of dreams, the loss of control, self fulfilling prophecies and teen-age relationships. At the heart of the piece is a girl who starts to have nightmares about horrific future events, which start as vague images and ideas, but soon become clear visions of the death of her friends. Whether this is the onset of mental illness or second sight is left up in the air.

This was a very strong piece of theatre, technically and dramatically. The creation of the dream sequences using movement, masks, soundscapes and lighting was brilliantly effective. The choreography of the whole piece, both in terms of movement sequences and set / time chances, was very polished and carefully thought through. The storytelling was very clear and the piece was fast moving and always entertaining.

This was a very impressive ensemble performance. There was strong acting, dancing and singing from the whole group. The song sequence, with live guitar playing from one of the group, showed off the depth of talent on display.

The only weak point was that the ending seemed rushed and as a result all the hard work that had gone into creating the build up did not really have an effective pay off.

Huge congratulations to everyone involved in creating this great little piece of devised theatre.

Mike Ward - 5/6/09


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